We had the honnor to help with storyboard, design and animation on these 2 super cool Adobe ads for our friends at Mathematic's.  That was really fun to develop this space cowboy vibe animation and think of the script and cool stuffs to put in the mix.
Enjoy the ride!

 Client: Adobe
Agency: Pereira O’Dell
Post Production: MATHEMATIC
Script, Storyboard, part of design and animation: CRUX



Director: Calmatic

Executive Creative Producer: Rebecca Rice
Creative Producer: Jason Bartnett

Animation Director: Mathieu Betard
Storyboard and Concept: Fred Venet
Previs: Almir Ng

Illustration: Lanre Williams, Almir Nago, Fred Venet aka Skull, Blaise Travis, Gina Paola, Pedro Carvajal, Mariah Marshall, Moera, Max & Elenore Walter, Nicole Millo, Anthony Ketuojor Ikediuba
3D: Almir Nago, Yann Mallard, Max & Eleonore Walter
Animation: Fred Venet aka Skull, Mariah Marshall, Moera, Jules Boulain, Jong-Ha-Soon, Louis Holms, Ester Rossi, Gabrielle Sibieude, Astrid Tessier, Yann Aldabe, Chloe Hamon
Compositing: FX Pourre, Daniel Rodrigues, Bertrand Avril, Astrid Tessier-Pontoizeau Fabbein Husselin

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